Thursday, May 18, 2006

The boxes!

Well, innernets, I finally did it! I figured out how to actually get INSIDE the boxes where the foods are! Here I am inside one of them, wearing my red sweatshirt. I look kind of disappointed, because as it turns out MY foods wasn't in this box -- just lots of icky person foods. Later on in the night I got into one of the boxes where my Person keeps the big jar of my dry foods, which I am not allowed to have very much or it might clog my yurinerry trakt -- whatever that means -- but I LOVE the dry foods and I was really excited to find it! I crawled up into the box but the whole thing was dumb, because I couldn't get that big jar open with my paws, and then I COULDN'T GET OUT OF THE BOX. I kept pawing at the door and mraw mrawing but my Person was in bed so it took her a few minutes to come find me. But THEN she said "you must be so HUNGRY!" so she gave me some of the dry foods! Yes! Success!

Besides that, I am not very excited because I have to get a pawdicure soon. That is what my Person calls it when she trims my nails. I really, really, really hate pawdicures because I am A BOY AND I DO NOT NEED ANYONE TO DO MY NAILS I CAN JUST BITE THEM AND THAT IS FINE AND ANYWAY, PERSON, YOU BITE YOUR NAILS TOO SO YOU SHOULD REALLY UNDERSTAND THIS MRAW MRAW MRAW. Whenever I have to get a pawdicure I get very yowly and hissy and I use my big back feets as LETHAL WEAPONS. Usually my Person needs someone else to hold me while she cuts the nails because I am so big and strong and I can fight her off. I will let you know how it goes.


Jay said...

I've never climbed inside a box, Kismet; you're a very brave big man cat. And I think you look indignant in your picture that your person is taking photos rather than helping you climb out or feeding you.

But it is a very good photo, I like your shirt especially.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Wow, Kismet, it's soooo nice to finally find anuther cool cat with great fashun sense like me! I like yer red swetshirt. I prefer pink polo shirts this time of yeer, becuz, you know, it's spring and I'm a sissy. You look very much like my new outside cat frend Tiger, who is very hansum. I just get to see him thru the window, becuz he is an outside ferul cat, but he rubs against the window when he seez me. Since I've NEVER seen Tiger waring any nice clothes, I'm thinking yer probly not him.

Yer frend,
Skeeeeezix the Cat

MisterMister said...

Kismet , you should have your person set up a buffet like ours.We have a round thingy that has 3 bowls with 3 different kinds of food.With 11 of us its not that great but if you had one it'd be purrfect!