Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Big Advenchur

Innernets, I have not been able to blog lately, because my Person is so busy using the compyooter to do things for Brad Skool, and then when she was done with Brad Skool for 4 days I thought I would FINALLY get the compyooter back, but then she crashed her moovable masheen and had to use the compyooter to figure out how to get the moovable masheen to be not sick anymore, and she was REAL upset so I had to be on man cat alert, and then I was all set to blog YESTERDAY, when I GOT LOCKED OUT OF THE PARTMENT.

We live close to the ground now - in Brooklyn we lived high up - so now when persons open the door sometimes I run Out There. I do not ever go very far. I just like to eats the grass and explore in the backyard. And my Person sometimes just follows me around to make sure that I do not leave to pick up the laydees or find my chiwahwah gang, and it is fine. But YESTERDAY, my Person was taking the moovable masheen to the doctor, and when the door opened, it was a big smelly man.

Now, since I am a big dude living with all GIRLS, normally I am very excited to have other mans around. Like my friend Ted who took me outside on my leash, or that person who used to live with my Person's boyfrend Joe, who told me many times that he thought I was a bobcat. But THIS guy was not even interested in me at all, and when he opened the door and I ran outside, he just LET ME GO.

At first I thought this was so great. Because I got to get away from Sophie for awhile, and eat lots of grass and explore and make sure that there was nothing vishus Out There waiting to eat my foods or attack my Person. And also to see if there are other foods hiding Out There, or maybe other cats, because there could be. You never know.

But eventually, I started to get kind of HOTS. I don't know if you remember, innernets, but I DO NOT SO MUCH LIKE THE HOTS, and I am a big guy, and I am kind of hairy, and I was outside for MANY HOWRS, and it just got VERY HOTS.

So when my Person came back in a DIFFERENT moovable masheen, she got owt and I ran over and mraw mraw mraw'd. And she said, "what are you doing out here??" And then she got REAL MAD. Not at me, because I am her big guy, but at that big smelly man, who I guess was there to fix some stuff in the partment, which is just dumb, because I AM A BIG MAN AND I CAN FIX THESE THINGS. So she scooped me up and gave me lots of smooches and called me a very good boy for not running away - as if I would leave the place where the FOODS is - and took me back inside. And I found the coolest place in the whole partment to lay down and recover from my big advenchur.

Which is in the front closet.

Anyway, while I was getting cool, my Person got BACK on the compyooter and there was a email from the man who owns the partment. And he said that the reepareman had let me out and tried to find me but he couldn't, and that he hoped I would come back home. And that was it. MY PERSON WAS REAL MAD AT HIM!!!!! But she couldn't say anything to him because he owns the partment.

So, she gave me lots of treats instead.

Then Sophie started to get scared that I was not really ME but just another stray cat who LOOKS like me. And I didn't want my Person to think that too so I made sure to do lots of Kismet moves last night, like throwing lots of things off of the tables and mrawing REAL LOUD to get fed REAL EARLY in the morning. And growling at Sophie. I think Sophie is still scared - she is usually scared of SOMETHING - but I am pretty sure that my Person knows that I am me, because she told me my feets are real big a few times already today.

Anyway, the moral of the story is to not trust the big smelly men in your partments. And be careful of the HOTS! And never forget where your foods lives.


Anonymous said...

OH! You were so BRAVE! And your fuzzy belly looks so sweet while you're cooling down.

The Crew said...

Oh Kis, thank heavens you're OK! And you were right on to do all your manly stuff so your Person & Sophie would be sure you are YOU.

Skeezix the Cat said...

Kismet, I put a list on my blog of all the ways that Sophie can make shur it reely is YOO (it IS, isn't it???)

The Furry Kids said...

That's a big adventure. I'm glad the HOTS didn't get you. Whew!


Henry Helton said...

You are a very courageous kitty, you know.

Honey P. Sunshine said...

oh kismet, we arz so glad yew r ok, that iz furry scaree

Boy said...

Oh no! That's a bad big smewwy man!
You're cwever not to wun too far or get into twouble Kismet.

The Meezers said...

oh Kismet, you are brave. And very very good for not running away!!! it is good to remember where the foods live

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Oh, Kismet, I tried to find you yesterday, but Maryland is just a little too far away from where I live in Virginia. I ate a couple of bites of my breakfast, then I told Mom I wanted some air so she let me outside. Jake then came inside. Mom was working from home yesterday so she didn't mind that I went out, but she did get upset that I never came back till dinnertime and she thought that I would be hungry. She looked and looked for me and called and called, but I would not come. I was trying to connect with you, Kismet, because I just KNEW you were Out There. I guess I went in when your person finally came home to let you in. Glad you're safe, and I hope you didn't eat too much grass. It always makes us barf and Mom doesn't like that.


Kismet, don't listen to Bathsheba; I think she's getting senile in her old age. I like your spot in the closet. I see that you're next to sexy red high-heeled shoe! Good job!


Oh, and Sophie, we both believe that it's the REAL Kismet. He's unique.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Kismet, there's been a lot of talk of "nose twins" on the cat blogosphere lately. Do you think we're noe twins?


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Oh that was not fun at all! I'm sorry you had to go through all of that, at least you knew where to come back to.


Daisy said...

I am very angry at the big smelly man, because he is a very BAD man! And he done wrong. Thank goodness you did not go out adventuring to far away places, because I would be very sad if you got lost.

After reading your whole entire post, I am almost certain it is the real Kismet and not an imposter in your place.

ps: Hi Sophie!!!!

Lux said...

I'm sure glad everything turned out okay!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Oh wow, kizzie, that is one intennse advenchur. We will nevur let a smelly man into owr place aftur yer eggsperience. Yoo were vary smart to stay neer yer foods. -Rosie

Yoo probubly got tempted by TONS of gurlcats to venchur off with them cause yer a strong mancat! Way to resist temtaysun!! -Cheeto

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

So Kismet, did yoo meet any nice (or nawty) lady cats on yoor adventchur? Maybe yoo cood invite them over to yoor partment fur some "snuggling" and den dey cood admire yoor manly whisker humps and yoor big mancat paws.

Eric and Flynn said...

That wuz a grate avenchur yoo had, and we're furry impresst yoo didn't go wandering. Yer mum and Sophie would haf been furry wurreed if yoo did. We wander in the outdoors, but our mum follows us to make sure we're safe.

Fat Eric said...

Phew, Kismet, what a story! I bet your mum was so relieved to see you. Stay safe!

the orange tabbies said...

We agree-The Outside is definitely not always fun.
We's glad you made it back in.

Daisy said...

Hey, Sophie! I named one of my Sea Monkeys after you. I hope you do not mind.

The Fluffy Tribe said...

excellent advice Kismet and what an adventure you had wow ~THe Fluffy Tribe