Tuesday, August 15, 2006


When my Person gets home at night she gives me my foods and then she usually gets on her computer. This is kind of a problem for me, because after I eat my foods I am so much in the mood to blog. So what I do is, I come sit on the table with the computer and I wash my paws and my face and I let my Person pet me for awhile (this is nice because she has been gone all day long and I miss her). But then after my paws and my face are clean, I just stare at the computer sadly. And sometimes, I chew on the corner of the screen. And then she gets the hint and lets me blog. She is a pretty good Person. I have her trained pretty well.

Unfortunately tonight I really do need to take a bath. My back feets, espeshully in between my very big toes, are dirty. So now I have to go do that.


Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

OH NO, NOT A FOOTBATH! Why are yer feet dirty? Did yoo step in sqwishy poop? I hope if yoo did it was yer poop and not Mona's becuz that wood just be gross. I don't have to git footbaths so much anymore becuz the Food Lady and Mr Tasty Face lerned that they just to wate a littul wile and they poop will go away. Yum.

Icon said...

I guess having very big man cat feet means they can trap in more dirt and stuff. One time Chloe tracked poo around the house! Gross, right??????