Thursday, September 13, 2007

How persons get to my blog - Thursday Thirteen

Sup innernets. I have not done a Thursday Thirteen post in a LONG time, so I thought I would do one today. I found some time in my very busy schedule, which includes things like pushing the empty foods dishes around the kitchen floor and peeing on my Person's magazeens.

Here are thirteen search frayziz that persons use to get to my blog. Some of them make perfect sense and some of them are VERY weird, which just proves that persons do not always know what is going on, espeshully on the innernets. Maybe they need me to come fix their rowters?

1. mancat

Well, this makes sense. I am a big man cat! I hope that persons who come to my blog looking for man cats find exactly what they are looking for. I hope that they are not confyoozed by the Sophie posts, because Sophie is NOT a big man cat.

2. meen big cats

I am kind of confyoozed by this one, because even though I am a very big cat, I am not meen! I am very grouchy a lot, but I have very good reasons to be grouchy. Like a tiny orange cat who bites my tail and follows me around, or a Person who does not want to give me my foods EXACTLY WHEN I WANT THEM AND THEN SOMETIMES SHE LOCKS ME OUT OF THE ROOM. But not meen!

3. do cats sniff other cats bottoms

Well. Yes. We do. Sometimes. I hope you found my blog useful, person who searched for this! I also hope that you do not have to sniff Sophie's bottom, because it is usually stinky and sometimes has poops on it.

4. cheez its popcorn

These are some of my most favorite foods! Cheez Its MUCH more than popcorn, but I will try the popcorn sometimes. The best way to eat Cheez Its, I have found, is to take the whole cracker into your mouth and crunch it into small pieces, and then spit the pieces back out and eat them one by one. Not only does this keep you from chewing with your mouth full - which is very undignified - but it makes the Cheez It last longer too. Persons tend to just eat MANY CHEEZ ITS AT ONE TIME, THE WHOLE CRACKERS, which is very gross. So I hope whoever searched for this learned how to do it the right way!

5. i love ruffles


6. very pretty big cats

Hmm. I am not sure what to make of this one. I am HANDSOME, not pretty. But I am big. I guess maybe some girl persons might think I am pretty if they did not know I was a man cat. I think that this is probably okay.

7. cat is very stinky

Yes. Sophie is very stinky. I hope that if you use this to find my blog, you understand that I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

8. chiwahwahs

As you might know if you have been reading my blog for awhile, before I came to live with my Person, I roamed the streets with a gang of chiwahwahs. I was their leader, because chiwahwahs are VERY small and they needed a big man to defend them. I wonder if some of my old chiwahwah friends were looking for me! If so, hi guys! I am good and still big.

9. lyrics a big man like you gosh dem

...I am not sure what this means, innernets. I am a big man. I can rap. But I do not think I have ever posted my rap lyrics here. Maybe this person was looking for inspirayshun for a rap song about a big man. Make sure to send it to me when you are done!

10. my cat is a real man

I am a real man TOO! Maybe your cat and I should get to know each other. I am always looking for new man cats to be friends with!

11. cat what makes the scared

Hmm. This is a very good question. I do not really get scared, ever. Sophie gets scared a LOT. Things that scare Sophie: the door opening, when I go Out There, when persons pick her up, loud noises, when my Person cleans the poop boxes, persons she doesn't know...these are just a few. There are MANY things that can scare Sophie cats. I hope this answers your question.

12. wet hots

Sometimes I do get wet, because I like to drink water from the fawsit, and when I stick my head under there my whisker humps and my face get wet. And I HATE THE HOTS. THE HOTS MAKE ME VERY GROUCHY. And sometimes the hots can be wet too! My blog was probably exactly what this person was looking for.

13. dogs pikchurs


I hope you have enjoyed my Thursday Thirteen post. And that, if you have found my blog by searching the innernets, you found what you were looking for. Feel free to email me if you need more help!


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

It is great to see you around Kismet! I know I'm a Big Mancat but you are the original Big Mancat so I always defer to you in matters mancatly. Sorry some weirdos thought the Sophie stuff was about you. That's precisely the reason I will not share with Kaze.


Daisy said...

I love reading about funny search phrases. I am not surprised that the number 1 search phrase for your blog is mancat. This makes sense.

Please let Sophie know that loud noises make me scairt, too.

Here are two funny ones I got this week: "cats love earwax" and "cat watermelon photo head".

Henry Helton said...

I don't know if I believe you when you say that you don't love ruffles. I wonder if your fibbing. Okay, I know its Sophie, I'll stop now.

Caesar and Princess said...

Kismet, It is very clear to me that the ruffles are due to the "Sophie factor" She is a cute little sister but, not is the time for her to get her own bloggie.

I love cheez too.

I never knew you were the head of a gang of chiwahwahs.
I did not know that.

Headbutts, Caesar

Laura said...

Your rebuttal has been duly registered!
Thanks for coming to visit us (FINALLY! It's not like we haven't worshipped you and Sophie for EVER.)
We were going to do this exact same T13 post today, but ML got lazy. Nest T. Now we will go back and read yours slowly. We got all anxious trying to figure out how to make your gif a jpg. (ML emailed it to herself! HA! That made a jpg out of it fast.)
Mosaic Cats and Thick Mud Lady

Laura said...

Kismet, as our HERO, Stephen Colbert would say: "We accept your apology."
We think he is too cool for emoticons, but we are not (yet).
Speaking of T13s, and being on our blog, did you ever get to see this?

Laura said...

We meant to put that "j" under Colbert's smile.
It is his cleft palate.
Suddenly typo-prone Mosaic Cats

the orange tabbies said...

funny search phrases are the bestest.
even though some of those do not fits you at all.

oh well.

xo-Pippin & Turtle

Hilda said...

I am a little scared thinking of those poor chiwahwahs out there without your mancatness to protect them.

The Crew said...

This is very interesting, Kis. We don't know how anyone except other cats finds our blog.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Great post Kismet. Those are some weird ways people find you. I'm sure they know you don't like ruffles. One look at you and they'd know you're a Mancat!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

our teenagers apparently don't eat Cheez Its correctly either. we'll pass on your advice.

(this list made our Lady laugh lots)

Skeezix the Cat said...

Nobuddy EVER got to my blog by typing "my cat is a reel man." I gess I've got sum werk to do..... I'm so glad yer my role modul!

ASTOR CATS said...

The Internets sure are funny - so many different search phrases lead to your blog. Mancat says it all.

Midnite & Stray Kitty

Eric and Flynn said...

We didn't know yoo wuz once the leader of a pack of she wah wahs. Only a reel mancat cud lead a pack of dawgs.

Boy said...

Beans are weird. They have all those weird search phwases. If it were kitties doing the search, we'd know we were wooking for Kismet the big man cat wight away wouldn't we?

Daisy said...