Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sisters SUCK

My sister is here. I PRETTY MUCH HATE HER. She is in this big crate thing in the corner of the apartment, and she is very tiny, and every now and then I make sure to go over and hiss at her. My Person took her out once and brought her over to me, and I hissed real good and growled real loud too. This is MY apartment, lady cat! You can't just roll up in here without some trouble!

My Person is REAL worried about this, and I can tell, and I feel bad about that, but I CAN'T HELP IT IS MY TURF. Occasionally I have made sure to hiss and growl at my Person too, just so she remembers I'm boss and she shouldn't be bringing other cats in here without asking me.

Any advice, cats? How do I get rid of her? What do I do??


Anonymous said...

Dude, I dunno. My mom's been talkin' about a baby brother for me, so I was hopin' you'd have advice for me. Good luck, man. Let us know how it goes. Maybe she'll turn out to be cool.

Anonymous said...

I can relate! I was mommy's only boy for 5 years. My mommy brought little sister home about 6 years ago. I screamed and hissed at her (and mommy) for three days straight but it didn't do any good. The interloper is still here and I usually just ignore her.

Mattingly said...

Everybody just needs to be patient. Things did not go so great with Harlie and I right away. It was a few weeks before we could be put together. Mom and Dad gave me lots of love and played with me a lot during that time so I would know that I was still their special guy. And Harlie got alone time with them too behind closed doors. Eventually we got used to each other's smells and realized that no one was going to go anywhere and now we are really close. You will like your sister. Just give it time.

Daphne said...

Hey there --
I've been on the other side, and let me tell you, it's not too cool from the newcomer's perspective, either.
Auntie Spooker was an only child for lots & lots of years when Chloe & I came to live -- er, invaded her turf.
After lots of months, she still won't let us cuddle with her.
She tolerates us more, but still hisses at us. It worried my bean lots at first, but now everyone is used to Spooker just being an old hissy bag.
I hope you come to love your new little sister -- your bean did a great thing by taking her off the streets and bringing her into your warm, loving home.
Don't try to rush things, and remember that everybody needs lots of extra love in this stressful time -- even your bean!
Hang in there ~ Daphne

Anonymous said...

We have the same thing going on here. Mom kept the little intruder in his own playpen for about 2 week before we were allowed to interact. In the beginning there were lots of hisses, but now not so much anymore. Mrs. B just whacks him on the head when he gets too annoying. The problem is that Bubbles just runs away and goes outside. Mom does not like that cause it is cold outside now and she saw some stray dogs hanging around, so it is not save. *sigh* Intruders suck.

Emma's Kat said...

Definately just give it time Kismet! She's only been with you a day or two. I'm almost certain you guys will get used to each other and you will realize that she is much fun to play with! Just give her and yourself some time.

The Meezers said...

don't worry Kismet's purrson. Kismet is being very normal. It will take a while, although I just throw all the cats in one room for a couple of days to let them work out their difficulties. Most vets and professionals would have a heart attack over that, but it works for me. They will get used to each other - just give it time and don't get too upset. - Meezers Mom Mary

Anonymous said...

I can relate there I was minding my own food bowl and 5 years ago booom Lilly come then she did it again booom. Iris. Hissing is very normal the best thing to do is sprarte then rub smells so they get used to each other smell. bring out the babby sister at treets time and tast goodness make sure you assatatie her wiff good stuff. Hissing is notmal and will happeing it the growning and argastion you want to watch. Some cats love each other but 90% of the time they can alest learn to toalrate each other as in the case of that babby thing Iris and Lilly

Anonymous said...

Good things about sisters:

They lick you like a mommy cat.
They're warm and nice to sleep with.
You can chase them for fun sometimes.

Kismet, your Person still loves you. And I'm sure your sister will realize you're the "dominant cat" soon.

I hope it all works out in no time!

Anonymous said...

Hissy is normal for a couple days. I usually only hiss for a day, and then only if they hiss first, but I LOVE other cats! Grumpybutt has lived with us for a year, and he STILL hisses at me if I get too close, though mostly he was ok after the first month.

She put him in my favourite daytime room for the first couple days, which sucked, because my room had my favourite floofy chair in it, but at least I still got to sleep in my bed with my OTW in my favourite night-time room. She said that helped, because Grumpybutt got used to sniffing my smells without me trying to play with him.

Then she let him out for a little while longer each day but kept him locked up at night. Eventually she stopped closing the door, and I'd go in and sleep in my chair and sometimes even in his bed, and it was ok. He mostly stayed in there anyway for a while longer, but then he started coming out more.

He had his own food and water in there, and his own litterbox, and sometimes when the door was open I'd share them with him. It took him three months to be ok with sharing my box in the bathroom, and eating in the kitchen and sleeping with the humans.

He still won't play with me though.

rosie(charming) said...

.Kismet,you are the May-un...just try and charm the girl with your sexy FB's....remember how much you're into the laydeez...

Zuzu and Mojo said...

Hey Kismet

We know we've never actually talked to you, but let me tell you about other cats.


We went to visit some other cats for a longlong time with our mom, and they were BIG MAN CATS such as yourself. Let me tell you, they HATED us!! My mommy didn't give us any private space, we were TOTALLY the invaders, and she just told us we had to "duke it out," but BIG MAN CATS ARE VERY VERY WARM. You can just think of your little sister as something else in the house to own, because she'll start to like it when you sit on her, and only YOU can make her whine!!!

By the end of the longlong time we were there, they cuddled with us and kept us warm, because they were SO BIG and we were, well, not.

I hope it helps, it will get easier!!!

Anonymous said...

Yer persun needs to make shur she still lavishes attenshun on yoo and treets yoo as the alfa male. Wunce yoo know yoo arnt being yoo-surpt, yoo'll relax and not deetest the introoder qwite so much. Just think! Yoo'll have yer own wite rat to be the boss of (even if she izn't wite or rat-like)!

If all else fales, go pee on the cowch.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Fur once I agree with wasnt smooth sailing with Rosie and furst but ovur time we got to like eachothur. -Cheeto

Tell yer lady not to get to upset...yull end up getting along in due time.

Here's a site that mite help yoo out (I had to put a hard return so you can see the whole site, take it out when you cut and post it.)

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Kismet, everyone has such good advice. I was the intruder with Bathsheba and Precious (who was much older and died a long time ago). Precious loved me, but Bathsheba must have thought that she was the odd cat out. Come to think of it, she IS the odd cat. Anyway, we never became friends but we somehow tolerate each other. Heck, Mom actually got a photo of the two of us together.

Just be your cool big man self and the little thing will be eating out of your paw and doing anything and everything to please you. (That's how it would have worked around here if I had come before Bathsheba.)


P.S. Mom wants pictures!! Tell your lady to just get a disposable camera or something!

Tanith said...

Oh, Kismet, I feel your PAIN!!! An intruder came to our house almost 2 years ago, and guess what??? HE'S STILL HERE!!!

I used to be the baby, the princess, the spoiled intruder ... so this is so wrong!!! First, my doting older brothers, one by one, went to Rainbow Bridge. I was sad, but then I got to like that it was just me and my mom, Tabbygail, and we got all the attention from our persons. And then HE (Ikaika)showed up, and no matter how much I growled and hissed and screamed (yes, you heard right), the little blighter wouldn't leave, nor did anyone seem to care that I was supposed to be the baby, the feline American princess!!

Believe me, Kismet, I understand how you feel. Hiss and growl if it makes you feel better (I do and it does!), but chances are you're stuck with her. Not only that, but once the humans start down that slippery slope, the intruders just keep on coming!! (Stella [formerly feral] showed up last spring and her babies come to visit now, too!!)

Hang in there, Big Man Cat!


katnippia said...

We finks eferyonez has given really good advice. When meowmize brought each of us home to meet the ofher. She let us sniff each ofher first. Then she would pet each of us to spread our stinky onto the ofher so we would smell like each ofher. And when she feed us, she gave us each our own lil area. We still hvae our momnets of not getting along, but that happens.For example Shamy has been with meowmize since December of 04" and him and Snowy, and Pounce don't always get along. Yet they manage to be tolorant of each ofher.So just give it timez, and eferything will be good.Also tell your Lady not to worry or stress over the two of youz. - Sia

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

I'm talking from the intruders point of view since I'm the youngest and newest one here. I was kept in a separate room for about 10 days so the other cats could smell me but not hurt me. Yeah, there was hissing & growling, then Mom introduced me (rear end first 'cause that's where my scent is the strongest) and we had some supervised meeting time.

I know you'll keep your place as senior cat and still be the boss, Kismet. Everyone here is my boss and even after 6 months, Max still hisses and swats me, but Mom knows he'd never hurt me.

Mom says tell your person, just be patient and give you extra love.

Your friend
Misty E

P.S. Can we see a picture of your sister?

Mattingly said...

Hi Kis. Mom, Harlie, and I are wondering how things are going today. My Mom remembers what it was like to be in your Mom's position when everyone would say "just be patient". It was SO HARD for Mom. The first time she ever saw me hiss or get upset was when Harlie came. I was so laid back before that. But within a few weeks, Harlie and I were friends... now we are brother and sister. It did take me about 6 months to get all the way back to my pre-Harlie affectionate self, but now it's like she was always here. It's good that she is a kitten because she will learn that you are the dominant one... and your person will let that happen because it's best. Let us know how it's going today!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kismet ... You've got to stop with the hissing. Miss Sophie isn't going away ... You're going to have to learn to live with her. She'll be fun to play tinsel wand and cat fishin' with. Perhaps your mom will feed you your treats together with little piles for both of you? That always works when we get new babies. I'm usually hissy and so is Cocoa Puff (Fudgie hides) ...

Treats and toys are great equalizers when it comes to introducing "interlopers" to adult cats. Give it time ... In no time at all, you'll be dressing her up in shirts, washing her face and ears, and hanging out together on your pee couch.

DaisyMae Maus